B Hamady Productions is a full service San Francisco Bay Area video production company specializing in event, web, and customer reference videos. We have full field production capabilities, graphics, editorial and live stream production from remote sources. 


Event opens and roll-ins can dynamically set the stage by illustrating the problem, getting the audience excited, reinforcing your brand and showing your customers, press and analysts your success- messages that would be more difficult to present by a speaker and powerpoint onstage.  Roll-ins during a speaker’s presentation help by showing customer or expert testimony, explanations, demonstrations of actual installations, etc.  They can also add humor to a presentation through elements of pop culture or can be short ‘refresh’ for the audience between speakers.  Conference stings can add branding, unity and professionalism to any presentation.        


According to a 2015 study published by Webmarketing 123, video is the most widely used and the most effective content marketing tactic according to both B2B and B2C marketers.  A full 68 percent of B2Bs and 73 percent of B2Cs say videos are more effective on their websites than ebooks, case studies, infographics, webinars, blogs and even mobile apps.  And the videos must be engaging.  The New York Times reports that 19.4 percent of the viewers click away after the first 10 seconds and 44.1 percent after watching for a full minute.  Short, timely (often relating to current pop culture), engaging and upbeat videos that evoke emotion have the most success in gaining views and going viral.



What can be stronger than a customer saying how much they like your product?  How about a customer focused story about how your smart customer came up with a new way to solve a problem?  After all, if the customer never even mentions your company’s name, people will still know from the placement or adjoining information that they use your product.   And by making the reference video about the customer’s success, you‘ll find more buy in from higher level executives from larger, known companies.  That can make a powerful reference video.  








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